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6 Signs You’ve Found Your Perfect Wedding Dress

We have all watched romantic films and seen the scene when the heroine tries on her perfect wedding dress for the first time. She will cry and often her bridal party will too. But what if you are not a crier, or are bridal shopping alone? How do you know which wedding dress is THE dress? 


You don’t need to try on a thousand dresses to choose a wedding dress. Sometimes the first dress is The One. You will feel it. But in case of doubt, here are 6 signs to look for when trying to find your perfect wedding dress:


Gemma Leakey

1- You feel comfortable in it

It is very unusual for a sample wedding dress to fit you properly. They may not be your size or length, but when you find your perfect wedding dress you will feel comfortable in it. If you feel like the dress is wearing you or that you will not be able to move comfortably on your wedding day, then that dress is not right for you. Your perfect dress will feel, when it is in your size like you will be able to wear it all day.


2- You look like yourself, at your best

You know the feeling you get when you slip on a pair of jeans and they lengthen your legs and hug you in the best bits? That is the feeling you will feel when you put on your wedding dress. You will feel and look like you. The very best version of you. It is important that your wedding dress reflects your personality and personal style. That it feels like you. If a dress feels like you are wearing a costume then move on. 


Sophie Rose Bridal

Sophie Rose Bridal

3- You can picture it in your venue

When you find the right wedding dress you will have no problem daydreaming about wearing it on your big day. You will be able to visualize walking down the aisle in it and dancing the night away. It will feel like the perfect extension of your wedding day. Your dress will allow you to do all the important parts of your wedding with ease. If you are getting married on a beach your wedding dress will allow you to walk along the sand comfortably. 



4- It suits your wedding theme perfectly

Another way to know if you have found your perfect wedding dress is that the dress will fit your wedding style perfectly. It may not necessarily be like your Pinterest mood board but it will definitely work with the rest of your plans. If you are planning a glamorous black tie wedding in a hotel then the perfect dress for you will complement these plans. It will have that glamorous look and sit beautifully with your dreams of flowers, bridesmaids and decor. 


Eden Keshia


5- You forget about other wedding dresses

When you have found The One all the other dresses you have tried on, dreamed about or pinned become history. You become completely focused on your dress. The small things that didn’t not work in other dresses are forgotten and you can just think about your wedding in your perfect wedding dress. 


6- You don’t want to take it off

In the fitting room with your designer or bridal store when trying on your perfect wedding dress you will not want to take it off. You will want to stay in it and the happy glow it gives you. Your body will be relaxed and any friends or family with you will be able to see how happy you look. You will look forward to future fittings and being able to put your dress on again. 



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