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The Role of Colour in Wedding Dresses: Exploring Beyond Tradition

When it comes to wedding dresses, white has long been considered the quintessential colour, symbolising purity and new beginnings. However, in recent years, brides have begun to embrace a wider array of coloured wedding dresses, seeking to infuse their gowns with personal meaning and style. This of course we love here at GOWN.  We thought it would be fun to look at the meaning behind each colour – while remembering you can wear what you want, for whatever reason!


Coloured wedding dresses were often worn by second time brides and made famous by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor. While white remains a timeless and classic choice, the world of bridal fashion has evolved to include an array of colours that allow brides to express their individuality and match their wedding themes. Soft pastels, vibrant jewel tones, and even dramatic black dresses have become increasingly popular, as brides recognise that colour can evoke emotions, tell stories, and set the tone for the entire celebration.


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What Different Colours Convey



Associated with purity and innocence, white reflects the freshness of a new beginning. It’s a colour that embodies the traditional values of marriage and the idea of a blank canvas on which to paint your future.



Often chosen for its warmth, ivory carries a sense of softness and nostalgia. It’s a shade that conveys timeless elegance and pairs well with various wedding themes.


Blush Pink:

Blush pink is a symbol of romance, tenderness, and femininity. Brides who opt for this colour often gravitate towards a dreamy, fairytale-like aesthetic.



Representing celebration and luxury, champagne dresses exude sophistication and can be a great fit for both formal and vintage-themed weddings.



Gold signifies opulence, success, and abundance. A gold-accented gown can create an aura of royalty and extravagance.





Blue is associated with tranquillity, stability, and loyalty. For a “something blue” that’s both symbolic and stylish, a blue wedding dress is an excellent choice.



Bold and passionate, red wedding dresses make a dramatic statement. They’re perfect for brides who want to infuse their celebration with energy and intense emotion.



Evoking mystery and elegance, black wedding dresses challenge tradition and make a powerful fashion statement. They’re especially fitting for edgy, non-traditional weddings.


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Selecting the colour of your wedding dress is a deeply personal decision; consider the emotions you want to evoke and the story you want to tell. Think about your wedding’s theme, the season, and your own style. Some brides choose colours that hold personal significance, such as their partner’s favourite colour or a shade that represents cultural heritage.


When incorporating colour into your wedding dress, it’s important to ensure that it complements the overall theme and colour scheme of the event. Coordinate the dress colour with the bridal party’s attire, flowers, and décor to create a cohesive and visually pleasing atmosphere.


The role of colour in wedding dresses has transcended tradition, offering brides a canvas to express their unique personalities, stories, and dreams. Whether you choose to embrace the classic allure of white or explore the myriad shades of the spectrum, your wedding dress colour can add a layer of symbolism and sentiment to your special day. Remember, it’s not just about the colour itself; it’s about the emotions and memories that colour will forever evoke.


Oh and wear what you love!


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