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The Pros and Cons of Short Wedding Dresses

In the world of bridal fashion, short wedding dresses have emerged as a trend that effortlessly combines modern charm with timeless elegance. If you’re a bride-to-be seeking a departure from the traditional floor-length gown, short dresses offer a chic alternative. Today we explore the pros and cons, and ultimately celebrate the unique allure of short wedding dresses for the contemporary bride and share a few of our favourite short styles by our GOWN members.


Short wedding dresses may seem like a contemporary choice, but their roots trace back to the early 20th century. Flapper-style dresses of the 1920s marked a departure from the restrictive Victorian era, introducing shorter hemlines and a sense of liberation. Over the years, short wedding dresses have continued to evolve, embracing various styles and lengths, from tea-length to mini, capturing the essence of different fashion eras.

Eliza May Atelier

The Pros of Short Wedding Dresses:

Comfort and Movement: Short wedding dresses offer unparalleled comfort, allowing brides to move freely and dance the night away without the weight and volume of a long gown. This is particularly appealing for destination weddings or celebrations with a more relaxed vibe.


Showcasing Shoes: If you’re a shoe enthusiast, a short wedding dress provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your chosen footwear. Whether it’s a pair of classic heels, stylish boots, or even vibrant sneakers, your shoes become a focal point of your bridal ensemble.


Versatility: Short wedding dresses are incredibly versatile, and suitable for a range of wedding styles and settings. Whether you’re having a beach ceremony, a garden celebration, or a city-chic affair, a short dress can be tailored to suit the atmosphere effortlessly.



The Cons of Short Wedding Dresses:

Tradition vs. Modernity: While short wedding dresses have gained popularity, some brides may grapple with the notion of breaking from tradition. If you come from a more conservative background or have always envisioned a classic, floor-length gown, the idea of a short dress might initially seem unconventional.


Weather Considerations: Depending on the season and venue, short dresses may not be the ideal choice. For winter weddings or formal church ceremonies, brides may opt for a longer gown to stay warm and adhere to the formality of the setting.


Limited Formality: Short wedding dresses, by their nature, tend to lean towards a more casual or semi-formal aesthetic. If you’re dreaming of a grand, formal affair with a cathedral-length train and dramatic entrance, a short dress may not align with the level of formality you have in mind. It’s essential to consider the overall tone and ambiance of your wedding when deciding on the length of your dress to ensure it complements the level of formality you desire.

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This style exude a distinct charm that resonates with the modern bride. They offer an opportunity to showcase personal style, emphasising individuality over convention. Whether you choose a retro-inspired tea-length dress or a contemporary mini, the charm of short wedding dresses lies in their ability to capture the spirit of celebration and make a bold, stylish statement.


As wedding fashion continues to evolve, short wedding dresses stand out as a stylish and comfortable option for brides who dare to be different. Embrace the freedom of movement, showcase your personality, and make a statement on your special day with a short wedding dress that combines tradition with a modern twist. Personally, we love them!