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Eden Keshia Residency at Love & Loved Bridal

We are so excited to announce that GOWN member Eden Keshia is joining forces with Love & Loved Bridal for a 3 week long residency. Where fashion-conscious, vintage-loving, eco-brides can shop a carefully curated edit of the Eden Keshia Heirloom Collection. Love & Loved will also have exclusive access to favourite pieces from Eden’s made-to-order Stellify Collection. 



The collaboration between Eden Keshia and Love & Loved Bridal is a match made in heaven, each with a vision to bring contemporary wedding wear to brides seeking originality and sustainable, luxury bridal fashion. Love & Loved Bridal houses some of the best British, indie bridal labels, each with their own distinct style, and are proud to support brands that operate with purpose. Championing female lead, inclusive labels and brands leading the way in British design and manufacturing are at the forefront of their off-beat offering. 



Eden Keshia is a Luxury Atelier specialising in refined, romantic and effortlessly unique  Bridal wear for clients around the world. Eden creates gowns that exude individuality,  evolving from a sketch into a one-of-a-kind piece, embodying the essence of each individual bride. Designs transcend beyond a dress into a treasured work of art, featuring exquisite silhouettes, couture detailing, and artisan practices. The label produces unique gowns with conscious design methods. Eden’s designs have been described as creating  ‘Breathtaking bespoke bridal wear’ by British Vogue. 



For the duration of the residency, Love & Loved brides can discover the Heirloom  Collection; an ever-growing and carefully curated collection of vintage pieces that have been restored and re-designed for fashion-forward brides. The collection is an ongoing catalogue of garments filled with sentiment and history, ready to be expertly fitted and customised for each individual client. 


On the collaboration, Eden says “I am delighted to be collaborating with Love & Loved on a  residency that celebrates sustainable yet contemporary design. The importance of sustainable bridal wear is something that’s anchored in our ethos and design process, and a passion for vintage pieces is something that both Eden Keshia and Love & Loved Share.  The residency will showcase an elevated collection of vintage wedding gowns, cathedral veils, and lace embellishments that have been reimagined, breathing new life into heirloom pieces.  The design process looks at bridal wear through a contemporary lens, with emphasis on mindful design whilst maintaining a luxury feel and aesthetic. I’m passionate about each bride feeling like themselves on their wedding day, reflecting their own unique style and personality. I am excited to invite brides to bring their own heirloom wedding gowns for a re-design appointment in the hope of transforming these beautiful traditional designs into contemporary custom pieces, whilst preserving all of their sentiment.”



Vicky, Owner of Love & Loved Bridal says “I am so excited to be hosting the Eden Keshia residency. Eden’s ethos perfectly aligns with what is at the heart of Love & Loved, quality wedding wear for the bride who wants to show off their personality with a gown that is as unique as they are. I am delighted to add a vintage twist to our collection of dresses, a  style that I know our brides seek out and love. Offering our brides the opportunity to reuse,  up-cycle and get married in a piece that tells a story is a real honour for us and takes us a  step closer to our sustainability goals. Eden herself has impeccable personal style with an  incredible eye for detail and the ability to reimagine gowns that can be enjoyed generation  after generation”



During the residency, brides will get a unique opportunity to meet with Eden. They can bring their own precious pieces along to consult with Eden on how their family heirloom can be reimagined to be worn today or, they can be guided by Eden through a selection of vintage dresses and her Stellify made-to-order collection. *Limited dates apply. 



The Heirloom Collection is ideal for the bride on a short timeline. Since each piece is a one-off, any dress chosen from this collection will be available to take away on the day. It is also an incredible opportunity for vintage-seeking brides to shop some incredible one-of-a-kind dresses and should see this as a unique chance to secure a one-off wedding day look like no other. 



Eden Keshia will be offering a sourcing service to Love & Loved brides. If you are a vintage-loving bride with a vision and style in mind, we can help you. Eden is well-connected with some wonderful sources of high-quality vintage gowns. If you haven’t managed to get your hands on that one piece you’re desperately seeking, simply give us a  brief and with Eden’s help she will hunt for your desired gown and customise it to your requirements. 



The residency will run from the 17th November until the 9th December. The opportunity to meet Eden will be limited to one weekend, with the opportunity to meet again when you say yes to the dress. 


Find Love & Loved Bridal at Station Rd, Swanbourne, Milton Keynes MK17 0SR.