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Meet Our Sustainable Wedding Dress Designers

Last week we shared 6 questions to ask your bridal designer if you want an eco and sustainable wedding dress. Today we’d like to introduce you to our GOWN designers who are actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint and create beautiful sustainable wedding dress designs that won’t affect our planet negatively. In their own words…



IndieBride London

“Sustainability is at the very core of everything we do at Indiebride London.

-All our gowns are handmade in London.
-The gowns are made-to-order so there’s no stock accumulated.
-We use sustainable materials such as organic bamboo, silk and Tencel as well as materials manufactured in the UK.
-We recycle our fabric waste.”


Visit IndieBride London here.



MaudiKa Bridal

“All our dresses are handmade, sustainable gowns, using mainly British or French fabrics. We design and make the dresses from scratch, with no factories or third parties are involved in our process!

Our offcuts are re-used to make veils or sleeves on other dresses. Apart from the sample dresses (one of each design), all our dresses are made to order, with the possibility to make them made to measure too!”


Visit MaudiKa Bridal here.



Sophie Rose Bridal

“As all our designs are inspired by nature, sustainability and ethical practices are very important to the way we work. Every dress is made to order in Hampshire, UK, meaning there is no wasted stock and no travel miles accumulated. We use fabric from UK suppliers, many of which have been made using natural or recycled materials. Any leftover fabric is used on future dresses, toiling and designing and various other projects.”


Visit Sophie Rose Bridal here



Eden Keshia Bridal

“Eden Keshia is an environmentally conscious label, using deadstock fabrics and adopting a bespoke manufacturing method to reduce waste and ensure each gown is made ethically, and responsibly in-house in our atelier.

Our heirloom bridal package offers a transcendently sentimental service, supporting the re-wear of a wedding dress by transforming true vintage silk gowns into modern, unprecedented and individual designs. The addition of sentimental names, dates and lyrics as subtle embroidered details deepens the personal story behind each gown.

Eden also offers a bespoke design service after your wedding to reimagine your wedding gown into a new design. Whether this involves custom dying, alterations into a shorter gown for an anniversary or transforming your gown into another garment entirely, the label actively extends the life cycle of your bridal gown to flaunt and treasure again and again.”


Visit Eden Keshia Bridal here

Alyce Jayne Bridal

“We are a considerate, high-end, slow fashion brand. We follow considered ethical and sustainable practices. Each garment is made to order and hand cut ensuring minimum fabric waste. Offcuts are recycled/used for smaller items. Fabrics are sourced from UK fabric companies.

Garments will arrive in an acid-free protective shower-proof recyclable polythene garment cover, wrapped in eco tissue paper, then placed in a recyclable, eco double walled cardboard box for postage.”


Visit Alyce Jayne Bridal


It is possible to create a sustainable wedding dress that looks lovely, is fashion led and yet is still eco-friendly. If you’re a bride wanting one, to a boutique wanting to stock a sustainable wedding dress collection then do click on the links to find out more about each designer. Do look at our Pinterest for more inspiration too.