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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress: Matching Your Dress to Your Wedding Style

So, you’ve decided on your wedding theme and now you need to find a style of wedding dress that will match! There are so many styles out there and let’s face it, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Honestly, your style of dress is completely up to you, and whatever your theme, you should absolutely pick the dress you fall in love with, however, there are some things for consideration when it comes to choosing that you may not have thought about. We give you a few tips and advice for finding what style of wedding dress, will best match your wedding, and of course you!


Laid Back Luxe

You love the luxury but aren’t quite a traditional princess bride? Then a laid-back luxe wedding theme and wedding dress are perfect. Choose detailed laces with a hint of metallic, so your laid-back luxe vibe can shine through. Floaty sleeves are perfect for a laid-back luxury look. Go for relaxed shapes that you can dance the night away in.


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If you’re a laid-back bride who has a boho wedding theme, then you’re going to want a super cool laid-back look to match. Think interesting laces with coloured undertones. Trims can also refine your boho bride look, so, go for interesting lace trims or fringing to complete your look. Stay away from anything that sparkles if you’re looking for a true boho vibe.



An alternative wedding dress can range far and wide, from coloured dresses to unusual fabrics. Choosing something that fits your personal alternative look can lead you to glorious places. If you still want a bridal feel, but are looking for something a little different then stick with an ivory palette and go for interesting fabrics, alternative shapes or short dresses.


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If simple, chic, and traditional is your style then you can’t go wrong with a satin ballgown. You’ll definitely be a princess for the day in a structured full skirt with a sweetheart neckline. If you want to make it more detailed think about your accessories. Add a sash for the day and then a statement necklace and earrings for the evening.



A contemporary or modern look is perfect for a city wedding. If you’re going for this theme for your wedding day, then look for floaty relaxed dress shapes with structure up top. Go for modern lace, with abstract shapes as opposed to florals. There are also tulle overskirts available so you can have two different looks in one dress, perfect for a contemporary vibe.


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