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Find Your Perfect Wedding Headpiece: A Guide to Choosing the Right Style for Your Big Day

If you are thinking about your wedding day outfit and matching wedding headpiece and browsing Instagram and Pinterest for ideas you will have found there is no shortage of options. So which is right for you? 


There are so many different types of wedding headpieces, and each one can be worn with a different style of dress. From simple to intricate, there’s a perfect look for every bride. 


Start by thinking about how you would like to wear your hair as this is an important factor in choosing the right wedding headpiece for you. Are you going to wear your hair down and relaxed or in a more formal updo style? When you decide on your hairstyle the fun can begin. 


Headpieces come in various sizes and can often be worn in a variety of places on the head/in the hair. Crowns and tiaras are often worn at the front of the head and add height and impact to your look. They can be paired with a veil and styles vary wildly. Traditional pieces often consist of gold or silver with crystals or pearls and are structured. Think royal weddings such as those worn most recently by Meghan Markle, Beatrice and Kate Middleton. They are classic, beautiful and a wonderful choice for structured wedding dresses and look good in both updos and down hairstyles. 



Crowns and Tiaras

Current headpiece trends have seen a resurgence in crowns but styles have increased to cater to all styles of weddings and bridal outfits. Art Deco, Medieval, Victorian, and Greek-influenced crowns are now widely available and can be both a semi-circle or a full circle. The semi-circle style can be worn at both the front and the back of the head. Wearing it at the back is a great way to add interest to the back view of your wedding day look and looks fantastic in the photos taken whilst exchanging vows. Hairstyles for this option include a half up, half down, a low bun, or plait. A veil is also an option if worn lower on the head. 


Hair Pins

If a crown or tiara is not your vibe, then don’t worry there are so many other options for wedding headpieces! Hair pins are individual pieces that can be placed wherever you want throughout the hair. They can be worn through a braid, slide around a bun or fixed through waves. Styles vary dramatically so you are bound to find something that fits your style. Pins are a fantastic option to share with your bridesmaids too to tie their look with your own. They make a great bridesmaid gift. 


Hair Combs

Hair combs are another versatile option for a wedding headpiece that can be worn nearly anywhere and in any style. From intricate metalwork, and jewels to architectural styles there are options to suit whatever outfit you choose for your day from the most modern to full-on princess. Combs can be worn in any hair texture, do not believe it if they say they are not suitable for fine hair. Hair stylists can create a little extra body so the comb will sit still with backcombing, suitable braiding or a good old-fashioned bobby pin. You can even use your veil comb to help you out if you choose to. If in doubt just ask the person doing your wedding hair. 



Hair Vines

Popular with bohemian brides are flexible hair vines. Made of flexible wires and embellished with crystals, pearls or gems these bridal hair pieces look great woven into a braid or around a messy bun. They can also be worn around the front of the hair or along the forehead. They are very light to wear and can be fixed by a ribbon or hair grip. Styled with a bohemian wedding dress or separates they are a great often for a more informal free-spirited bride. 


Hair Bands

Velvet and padded hair bands are another trend that has popped back into bridal fashion over the last few years. These pieces create a statement in a more understated way and are perfect for fashion-forward brides. They look great in both short and long hairstyles and are a chic alternative to traditional veils. They created structure and height to a bridal look and we personally love them with a tailored suit or jumpsuit. 


Whichever wedding headpiece you choose, the best thing is to try them all, with your wedding hairstyle in place and your dress on. And have fun!


All photos feature headpieces from Camille Headpeices.