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4 Easy Tips For Storing Your Wedding Dress

An estimated 2.2 million Brits are due to get married throughout 2023, with September tipped to be the most popular month for weddings.  But when the big day is done deciding what to do with a wedding dress can be tricky. Whilst some people sell them or donate them so future brides can use them, others prefer to keep hold of them and preserve the memory of their wedding day.


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Why should you keep your wedding dress?

Keeping your wedding dress after the wedding is a sentimental and practical choice for several reasons. Firstly, it preserves the cherished memories of your special day, allowing you to revisit the joy and emotions whenever you see or touch it. Secondly, it provides an heirloom that can be passed down through generations, connecting your family’s history and traditions. Additionally, your dress can serve as a meaningful reminder of your commitment and love for your spouse, acting as a symbol of your enduring marriage. Lastly, repurposing or altering the dress for future occasions, like vow renewals or your own daughter’s wedding, can save money and create new memories. So, holding onto your wedding dress is not only a sentimental keepsake but also a practical and meaningful choice.


If you’re looking to preserve your wedding dress after the big day, or pass it down to future generations, proper storage is essential in maintaining its pristine condition. With this in mind, Vlatka Lake, storage expert at Space Station shares four tips for storing your wedding dress to keep it in pristine condition.



Why do you need to store it safely?

Failing to safely store your wedding dress can expose it to various risks that could compromise its condition and sentimental value. Without proper preservation, your cherished gown may suffer from irreversible damage. Exposure to dust, light, humidity, pests, and physical mishandling can all contribute to the deterioration of your dress. Over time, these risks can lead to discoloration, fabric degradation, and even the formation of stubborn stains that may be challenging or impossible to remove. Additionally, without safe storage, the dress may lose its structural integrity, making it less likely to withstand alterations or be passed down as a family heirloom. In essence, not safeguarding your wedding dress properly can diminish its aesthetic and sentimental worth, robbing you of the opportunity to relive the magic of your special day or share it with future generations.


Vlatka advises: “Before putting your dress into storage, make sure you have it cleaned to remove any stains or marks that may have appeared from your wedding day. The most important thing to remember when putting your wedding gown into storage is that it shouldn’t be stored in a plastic bag or hung on a hanger. Plastic covers don’t allow for humidity changes and can often let light in that will fade the material of your dress. Hanging your dress can also affect its shape by adding unnecessary stress on the seams or the fabric.”


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Four steps to storing your wedding dress:


Step One: Find an airtight cardboard box

“Finding an airtight container or box is crucial for storing a wedding gown, as this will help protect against dirt and dust whilst in storage. We recommend against using a typical cardboard box and instead opting for an acid free one. Acid free boxes don’t normally have any writing on them, so they should appear blank.”



Step Two: Carefully fold your dress with tissue paper

“Tissue paper helps to prevent snags and damages, remember to stay clear of colours paper as this can discolour your gown. Folding your dress into layers will also help to reduce damages.

“All wedding dress are different, but we suggest folding the top section of your gown first, as this is usually the most intricate and detailed piece. So, fold the top part first and then make your way down the remainder of the dress, until it is neatly folded.”



Step Three: Wrap your wedding dress in muslin

“After your dress is folded, cover it in layers of unbleached muslin. Just like the tissue paper, the muslin helps to avoid any dust and damages while in storage. Try your local fabric shop for sourcing muslin to help shield your dress.”



Step Four: Place your gown in the box

“Finally, carefully place your wrapped wedding dress into the cardboard box and seal tightly with the lid. If you’re able to, add silica desiccant packets into the box to help control moisture levels. After this, you’re all set to store your wedding dress into your storage unit.”


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For more information on storing your wedding dress, visit: How to Store a Wedding Dress Complete Guide (space-station.co.uk)