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What Wedding Dress Will Suit Me?

Wedding dress shopping can be an exciting time. But it can also be rather overwhelming and emotional. There is so much choice for your wedding dress and there is so much information out there on what you should wear. Some of this information is presented as if it is helpful but can actually be the opposite. I am sure you have seen the ‘guides’ of what style of wedding dress you should wear depending on your body shape. The ones that say if you have an athletic body you should wear a column dress or if you are bottom heavy you need to wear a ballgown. Putting your body in a category and shopping accordingly will narrow down your options and make your choice easier. In theory. 


But what if you don’t want to narrow down your choices? Or what if you want to wear a dress that is designated to another body category? What if you want to dream wildly with your dress and have exactly what YOU want. Not what the magazines tell you? To have a dress that looks and feels just like you? Believe us, it is possible. Read on to find out how.


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Wedding dress sizing

If you lined up five different size 12 women they would not all look the same. Their height, bust, waist and length of their torso differ and this would make a T-shirt fit differently.  It is the same for wedding dresses. Lots of bridal stores hold their samples in a size 12. These dresses will fit and look different on each body that wears them. But don’t worry, stores are experts at pining and clipping dresses to size so you can see what it would be like if it was your dress. Bear in mind too that most dresses are made to order, in your personal dress size and 99% of brides need alterations to make their dress fit so don’t worry if the dress you love does not fit you correctly. It will by the time you get married! 


If you are not a size 12 don’t worry. Stores pick this size as they can make it look great for anyone sized 8 to 16. But we all know that this standard sizing is not a perfect situation and cannot cater to everyone. Brides come in all beautiful sizes and shapes and everyone is welcome and catered for by the wedding industry. If you are not sure if a bridal boutique has samples that will fit you, just drop them a line and ask. They will do their best to accommodate you and your gorgeous figure. 


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Wedding dress shapes

Are you confused by all the shape terms? Mermaid, fishtail, column, fit and flare? Phew, it is all so much and in our opinion completely unnecessary. It is putting people and dresses in boxes that don’t needlessly. There is no one shape that will suit a particular body. It depends on how you want to feel and look. The best way to see if you like a dress right for you is to try it on. So when you are wedding dress shopping, forget labels, both size and shape, and pick out what you like.


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Wedding day style

When choosing your wedding dress and deciding whether it suits you is to consider how you want to feel on your wedding day. Does the dress you are trying on suit the vibe you are trying to capture for your big day? If you are having a destination wedding on a beach you may wear something completely different than if you were married in a city registration office ceremony. If you want to be relaxed and feel free during the day a light, unstructured dress may suit you better than a large ballgown. But if you want to feel like a Hollywood starlet, consider a dress that creates that feeling in you when you try it on. Remember that accessories, hair and makeup and shoes are an important part of your overall look and can help create a bridal look you crave. 


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