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How To Create A GOWN Online Profile That Attracts The Right Bridal Shops

Are you considering joining GOWN Online but not sure how to create a profile that will attract your ideal bridal boutiques? Read on to see our tips on getting your brand profile looking on point. 


Put your very best photographs on GOWN

If you are not sure about a photograph, don’t upload it onto your GOWN profile. Keep the very best of your imagery so that our retailers can appreciate your beautiful designs. It is better to have a handful of really on-brand images than dozens of ones that do not feel quite right. Your GOWN profile is yours to edit and maintain once it is finished, so you can always add more photographs when you have a new shoot or collection to share.


Tell us about your values

Retailers and potential buyers want to know about you and what makes you different. They love reading about what is important to you and your business. If you are making dresses using traditional couture practices, share that in your profile. If all of your fabrics are recycled, please detail that in your profile. Bridal shops know what their brides want and what sells for them, so they will look for designers that align with these needs. If you don’t tell them, then you are missing an opportunity to connect with people who will really appreciate your business and therefore buy your collections.



Create a story

When writing about your brand and your business, try and create a picture for the people you want to buy your designs. We all love a good fact but a hard price list and T&Cs do not give anyone a glowing feeling. Writing about why you design, who wears your pieces and the feelings you want brides to have on their big day helps retailers really understand your designs and see them on their brides. So tell them the story and inspiration behind your collection and let them fall in love with you.


Retailer Commitments

A really good thing to share on your GOWN online profile is the services you offer to the bridal shops that will stock your designs. Do you offer trunk shows or collection previews? Will you be happy to make split-sized garments? Or perhaps you are happy to interchange laces on any of your designs? Whatever you offer that makes sales easier for the retailers, should be in your profile. Don’t assume they know that you are easy to work with and are flexible with design changes. You need to let people reading your profile know. 


How To Create A GOWN Profile That Attracts The Right Bridal Shops


If in doubt we are here to help

Don’t forget we are here to help you set up and maintain your GOWN online profile. When you upload all the information and photos at the setup stage, Kate will look at your profile before it goes live. She will make sure your photos are all the right size, do a spell check, and very importantly, get your page’s SEO done. If she thinks you could add more or has any feedback she will reach out before it is live. Once everything is live and retailers are able to see your page on the GOWN website you are able to maintain your profile and add/change things. If you ever want an extra pair of eyes, just ask. We would be happy to help you. 


Good luck with getting your profile on GOWN Online Bridal Market and welcome to the family. Find out more about how to join with our Designer’s Information Pack.