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The Importance Of Really Great Photographs For Your Bridal Brand

Creating really good images for your bridal brand may be more important than you first realised. Obviously, we all want beautiful photographs of our designs but creating engaging images can have a big impact on many aspects of building and sustaining a successful brand. 


Successful brand images are those that not only show the beauty of the garments but show the essence of a brand. The photographs should reflect what a brand is all about and connect with its ideal clients. The style of the photography, surroundings, styling and model all create a picture of who the garments are for. Who could be wearing them and what wedding they will be having? If you are a modern, free-spirited brand that designs for a stylish, bohemian bride then it is no point in creating corporate studio photos as they will not connect with your ideal client. Regardless of how lovely the photos are. But, if you create a shoot outside in nature with the dresses blowing in the wind, the viewer is able to visualise how she would look wearing your designs for her outdoor festival wedding. Buying a wedding dress is not just about the product. Brides are buying a piece of the brand and the promises that brings.



It is equally important for the images you put on the website of your bridal brand, on social media and everywhere else the public connects with your wedding dress designs, including on GOWN. The more images you put out into the world, the more the wedding industry positions your brand. Sticking to your own clear desire for what your brand is and who you design for is key. As your business ages and you create more collections and photoshoots, good imagery ensures brand consistency and recognition. We have all seen editorials and advertisements that are so impactful that we know whose designs they are before we see the logo. This is because the brand has continued to produce images that reflect its core values for its ideal clients. 



It can be really tempting to join in with all the styled shoots you are offered and loan your dresses for shoots, any shoots, in an attempt to get new and fresh images. But, think twice before saying yes. The photos will be out there with your name all over them, whether you like the photos or not. Even if you don’t share images, one of the other suppliers will and it can not only dilute your brand but actually damage your brand image. 



Industry peers and brides alike, see your imagery from many different touch points and you need to be consistent with what you stand for and what they see. Staying consistent helps to build trust in your brand as people can see what you offer and your expertise. You can tell potential customers over and over what you can do, but quality, on brand photography shows them. Nothing is more powerful for your brand. A thousand promises and words can fall flat if you tell a client what you are about but accompany that with images that do not back up your words. 



When you are creating a brand photoshoot for your bridal brand, make sure you produce something that truly shows your brand. Be intentional about who you are creating the shoot for and what the photos say about your business. Think about the feelings the photos will create for the viewer and whether these are a true representation of your brand. Lean into the feelings you want your brides to get when your photos pop into the Instagram feed or in a magazine. This is your magic. Now go out and capture it in photo form.