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Our 6 Commitments To Bridal Designers Joining GOWN

We are passionate about supporting the bridal industry, especially smaller independents and emerging brands. We know it can be hard to get found by brides but also if you’re a bridal designer it can seem impossible to make connections with boutiques and grow the wholesale side of your business. This is exactly we have launched GOWN Bridal Market. But what do we promise to do, to make your online listing or the GOWN show successful? Here are our 6 commitments to bridal designers.


We will work together to create awesomely optimised listings

Once you apply to be part of GOWN online, we will work closely with bridal designers to make your listing stand out and be the best it can be. This includes helping build your private page (this is where you share sensitive information such as cost prices that you don’t want brides to see) and choosing the best images that represent your work. We will also work behind the scenes to ensure your listing is SEO optimised to get you found by more people using search engines.


We will continue to grow our social media presence and engagement

Social media is important to any business, and therefore we will focus on growing ours. Our aim is to attract bridal boutique owners to the site and platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are vital to this. Of course, we are a new business and that can take time, but we are fully focused on its growth.


We will get GOWN into the press

While no press coverage is guaranteed we will focus on getting press coverage for GOWN on blogs, in magazines, and newspapers. We want to drive as much awareness of the brand as well as traffic to the site and press coverage is part of that plan.


We will grow our boutique mailing list

While traffic is key, it needs to be the right traffic i.e. bridal boutiques! We will continually work to grow our boutique mailing list so we can send them regular newsletters with information about the GOWN bridal designers and invite them to the show.


We will blog weekly to drive organic traffic

We will write weekly blogs to support and grow organic traffic to the site. All our blogs will be fully SEO-optimised, packed with inspirational and educational content and then shared on social media


We will use our other brands to support GOWN

Kate and Joanna have established brands within the wedding industry and we will work with their socials and websites to support the growth and visibility of GOWN as a whole.


We are so excited about the future for our bridal designers and cannot wait to see your designs stocked in boutiques.

Kate and Joanna